A dental extraction is the total removal of either a baby tooth or a permanent tooth.

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A dental extraction is the total removal of either a baby tooth or a permanent tooth.  Teeth sometimes need to be removed due to extensive decay, crowding, or that a baby tooth is not falling out at the right time

There are many reasons for teeth to be removed. If baby teeth don’t fall out when they are supposed to, permanent teeth can erupt in a crooked or a misaligned manner. With tooth decay, if children have pain or infection from that tooth, the extraction of that tooth is indicated. It is important that teenagers be evaluated for wisdom tooth development, space analysis is done and often teenagers are referred to an Oral Surgeon for removal of wisdom teeth before they become an issue later in life.

Most children and teens are great candidates for extractions. Dr. Chris extracts baby teeth and refers any permanent teeth that need extractions to a trusted Oral Surgeon in the community. We are here to make your child comfortable during an extraction.

Your child will receive an anesthetic helping to keep them comfortable during the procedure. Dr. Chris uses many behavior techniques to help your child relax, taking his time, Dr. Chris will slowly wiggle the baby tooth out. Surgical gauze is placed with positive pressure. After care instructions are discussed with the parent. At Peak Pediatric Dentistry we offer a variety of different sedation options for your child to make the appointment more comfortable.

If you think you might need a tooth extraction, call our office today and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to come in for an evaluation.